Outfits to Style with Light Wash Jeans

Published on 30 September 2021 at 18:40

Light wash jeans. Seemingly just a garment, but for so many women, they're a symbol of body acceptance. How many times have you gazed at a pair of light wash jeans and wondered , "They're not for me...I don't have the body to wear them. Or heard a friend say, "I am not tall enough to style up the light wash jeans." The barrage of insults we give ourselves daily aside, light wash jeans are an especially testing piece of clothing. 


But hey! Do not bother, as light wash jeans can also look amazing when they're adequately styled, like with the bright and bold colors. While jeans are a classic item and different shades are constantly being worn, there is no secret that more fashion folk have been bringing out their lighter styles with a majority of their outfits.  

To showcase the vibe further, we're presenting the outfit ideas from women's clothing boutiques with light wash jeans that will give you many reasons to style those light wash jeans time and again.

Enlighten up your light-wash jeans with some great outfit ideas

  • Raffle sweater with light wash jeans and quirky heels = Shine wherever you go

With this outfit, you will surely gonna win many hearts, as this outfit has class and simplicity. This raspberry sweater is super pretty, and the color is quite remarkable and vibrant that will perfectly glam up the light wash denim. As the light wash denim is already light in color, this bold sweater will definitely rock the denim.


You can wear this outfit at official meets, brunches, and lunches as well; be careful with the footwear like if you're going for the meets, wear classy heels, and for the brunches and lunches, you can wear whatever you feel is most comfortable to you.

  • Magic blacktop with light wash denim and heeled sneakers = Walk like the whole universe is yours

The tops in color black always look daunting, and when paired with the light wash denim, it will look like a pair made in heaven. As the black color top with light color bottoms like jeans looks killer. Swaddle yourself into this outfit with heeled sneakers, and voila - you look like a boss lady. 


Keep the charm going and apply a little bit of makeup and wear a beautiful fragrance. 

  • Bumblebee tee with light wash denim and a cool baseball cap = Create spontaneous feels

This bright me-up tee is really catching the attention with its color ( Try not to blink your eyes. Kidding!). Wear this yellow tee from a women's boutique with those light wash denim and sneakers. 


Just tuck this tee inside the denim and try not to forget that unique accessory named baseball caps, and there you're looking, an exact copy of Kaia Garber (She makes the cap game stronger like no one)

  • The poncho top with light wash denim and metallic pumps = Win the heart with this outfit 

Ponchos have officially come back from the dead. Women's Clothing Boutiques offers many impressive styles, colors, prints that can quickly turn heads on the streets or wherever you're going to. 


As the ponchos are a versatile piece of clothing, they can be styled in many ways. But when you style a poncho top with light wash denim, it will give you the vibes of comfort with class. Wear metallic pumps to add that extra shine to your outfit. Go subtle with hair and makeup.


Stylist tip: 7 tips for what to wear for engagement photos, and without a doubt, this poncho top also deserves appreciation as it is pretty and picture-perfect.  

  • The quirky graphic tee with light wash denim and camel color boots

The graphic tees are indeed a blessing for all the women out there, and they look sporty, simple, and comfortable. The graphic prints are always tempting; it is the time to style up this graphic tee with light wash denim and boots (it looks like a beautiful Autumn outfit is ready in seconds).  


You can tuck the graphic tee inside if you want a more chic look. You can also wear cool sneakers if you want that sporty and convenient look. So, in a nutshell, this outfit deserves a sure shot.



Rock your light wash denim with every bright and bold color top wears from women's clothing boutiques, and make your light wash denim alive and refreshing.

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